Invoice Finance

Accelerated Payments provide working capital to SMBs by accelerating payments on their outstanding invoices.

As our offering does not require any additional security we can work alongside EDC to provide a combined offering that allows your client to maximise their access to working capital.

We don’t mind concentration risk and we support export invoices helping you provide working capital to Canadian organizations.

Is your client eligible?

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Client qualification criteria…

  • A limited company selling to credit-insurable debtors
  • In operation for 12 or more months
  • Revenue of ≥$500K
  • Invoices between $15K and $2M
  • Customer geographies – based on EDC insurance
  • Maximum payment terms = 120 days

Benefits for EDC…

  • Help more Canadian businesses – a good funding option even when banks and other financiers don’t have the appetite
  • Provide flexibility – clients can finance one or multiple invoices as and when needed
  • Security not impacted – no debenture or personal guarantees are required
  • Client growth – cash flow control allows clients to grow, further mitigating client risk

How does it work?



Complete a simple application form. We will have you approved within 24 hours.


We review and approve your customers in advance.


Your customer verifies their invoices for payment using our e-invoice platform.


Select invoices for advanced funding and get paid now while your customer pays later.


Your customer pays into a designated bank account on due date. This account is in your company’s name.
AG Gobe Services use Invoice Finance case study

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Invoice Finance FAQs

What’s different about Accelerated Payments service?
  • Funding is fast! Typically within 24 hours of invoice approval.
  • Non-recourse – because we focus on your debtor/buyer, we don’t ask for personal guarantees, additional security or long term contracts.
  • No debtor/buyer concentration risk – unlike other funders we’re happy to fund single large invoices – >1M (€/£/$)
  • Open for export – we fund your overseas trade
  • Pick and choose what invoices and when – we don’t ask to own your full invoice book
  • You retain the relationship with your customer – we don’t take over the relationship when we purchase the invoice.
  • We have a highly experienced and financially expert Client Management Team to work with you every step of the way.
What security is required?

We do not require any additional security of Personal Guarantees from the client. Your existing security can remain in place and all we require is a release letter relating to the specific invoices or debtors the client is looking to fund through our platform in 24 hours.

Contact us!

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  • m: 416-732-3442