The Need for Collaboration


Access to finance for SMEs is a drum that is continuously beaten across the world. Many SME finance providers jumped headfirst into the market in the last decade with the common goal of fixing exactly that systemic fault. It is evident  that FinTech’s  have already altered the market, however, the combined effects of Brexit and […]

Going Global! Insights and tips for SMBs expanding overseas with Colm Devine

Colm Devine, Head of SME Business Development at Accelerated Payments

SMEs have dealt with several obstacles over the past few years, including lack of access to finance, Brexit uncertainty, currency fluctuations, a  turbulent economic  and  political climate. and of course the COVID-19 crisis.  Colm Devine shares his reasons for setting up Accelerated Payments and his advice for SMEs looking to go global. What gets you […]

Manage the headache of payment terms with export finance.

Containers indicting export trade

If you’re a business that sells to other businesses, it’s likely that you’ll recognise the need to manage cash flow. It’s one thing to sell within the domestic market, it’s another to sell overseas. The upheaval to international supply chains brought about by covid 19 and further uncertainty coming down the tracks post Brexit mean […]

Invoice Finance for Recruitment companies.

Image showing a recruitment professional with a 'we hire' sign

Two of the biggest challenges faced by any business at any stage are cash flow and relationship management. For recruitment companies access to finance is often harder because of their structure and the basic nature of their business.   It’s all about people   As a recruitment company you will tend to be people rich and asset poor, meaning that there isn’t the tangible security of […]

5 Tips to Deal with Late Payment!

Tips to manage Late Payment

Late Payment. It’s the phrase that we hear from business owners every day and across every sector. Periods of market uncertainty often trigger a push by large companies to lengthen payment terms. Everyone wants to hold onto cash longer, and get paid quicker. So here are our TOP 5 tips to help you deal with […]

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