Export Finance

Release working capital from overseas transactions, today.

We provide a product tailored to suit the financial demands of companies with overseas subsidiaries or customers. Our solution is particularly suited to trade with large foreign multinationals with extended payment terms.  

Export Finance is a simple, cost-effective way to fund your reach into new geographical markets.

What we offer

How does it work?


Complete a simple application form. We will have you approved within 24 hours.
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Step 1


We review and approve your buyers in advance.
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Step 2


Your customer verifies their receivables for payment using our e-invoice platform.
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Step 3


Select receivables for advanced funding and get paid now while your customer pays later.
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Step 4


Your customer pays into a designated bank account on due date. This account is in your company’s name.
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Step 5

Are you eligible for Export Finance?

We look for the following eligibility criteria:

A key competitive factor!

Export financing brings advantages for both the exporter and their overseas clients.



Contact us!

We’re open for export! We’ll examine all enquiries on a case by case basis.
Do you cover all export markets?

Typically we’re financing trade in Europe, US, Canada and also various Asian territories.  Our expert Client Management Team are on hand to look at your specific requirements and will quickly respond to your enquiries.

Can I use this facility to help grow my business in the US for example?

Yes, once you have customers in the US that we are happy to approve, you can finance your transactions with them to build out your market.

What happens if my customer defaults?

You’ve already received 80% of your receivable from Accelerated Payments.  We’ve insured the receivable to the value of 90% so regardless of what happens with the customer, you’re guaranteed 90% of the receivable value less interest and any additional fees incurred.

Export Finance FAQs

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