$800,000 Receivables Finance Facility for Canadian Staffing Agency

Accelerated Payments recently provided an $800,000 Receivables Finance facility to a Canadian-based staffing Agency specializing in workforce solutions for the Oil and Gas sector. The client was seeking ways to expand its operations and capitalize on emerging contracts and new opportunities. 


Challenges facing this client

  • Need for Additional Working Capital: The client required additional working capital to fund its operations and maintain a competitive edge in the sectors it operates in. However, its previous factoring solution imposed rigid credit limits that could not be easily extended, significantly limiting its capacity to take on new contracts and seize growth opportunities. 
  • Strain on Existing Resources: These constraints hindered the client’s ability to expand its market presence and placed a strain on its existing resources while trying to stay ahead in a competitive industry. Recognizing the urgency of overcoming these financial barriers, the client sought a new financial partner capable of providing a scalable solution tailored to support its ambitious growth objectives. 

Recognizing the challenges faced by the client, Accelerated Payments stepped in with a flexible and bespoke solution tailored to their needs. We provided a $800,000 Receivables Finance facility, creating a substantial increase in its working capital. This financial boost alleviated the cash flow constraints that had previously hindered the client’s growth.  

The client was able to confidently pursue new growth opportunities, secure larger contracts, and invest in key areas of its business. Access to this working capital ensured stability in the client’s operations and enabled them to strategically plan for long-term success without the looming concern of cash flow issues, or waiting for invoices to be settled by its customers. 

The Solution

The Benefits

  • Non-Recourse, Fully Flexible Solution: Our commitment to providing a non-recourse, fully flexible working capital solution helped us address the client’s cash flow pains and set the stage for sustained growth and increased profitability. 
  • Focus on Expansion: Our solution ensured that the client could focus on expanding its business without worrying about its working capital position. 
  • Scalable Operations: The flexible nature of our solution allowed the client to seamlessly scale its operations in response to market demands, positioning it for long-term success and stability in a competitive industry. 

Accelerated Payments is a global Invoice Finance provider that provides flexible working capital solutions to SME’s, Exporters and Mid to Large Corporates. With offices in Dublin, London, Toronto, and Florida, we shift the credit risk from our clients to their debtors, enabling us to fund a broader range of clients. With our unique and scalable Fintech platform, we’ve funded over €1.7 billion in invoices for more than 450 clients across 45 countries and 1,800 debtors to date. 

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