$3 million Selective Invoice Finance Facility Fuels Geoscience Consultancy’s Growth

Accelerated Payments recently provided a $3 million Selective Invoice Finance facility to support a leading geoscience consultancy. This client, operating globally, encountered a critical funding challenge when they surpassed the funding capacity of their existing senior lender in both USD and AUD.

In Partnership with: Cowgills


Challenges facing this client

  • This business required a flexible and substantial funding solution to support its operations in the US and Australia.
  • The existing senior lender’s limitations in providing adequate funding in these currencies created a significant working capital gap, hindering the client’s growth potential.

Accelerated Payments stepped in to provide a $3 million Selective Invoice Finance facility. Key elements of the solution included:

  • Multi-Currency Funding: This facility supported the client’s operations with funding available in both USD and AUD, addressing the specific needs of their global subsidiaries.
  • Collaboration with Senior Lender: We worked closely with the client’s existing senior lender to carve out the US and Australian subsidiaries, ensuring a seamless transition and continued support.
  • Non-Recourse and Selective Financing: Our solution allowed the client to finance invoices on a selective basis without the need for long-term contracts or personal guarantees.

The Solution

The Benefits

  • Enhanced Financial Flexibility: Our facility compliments this client existing funding arrangements, enhancing their overall financial flexibility and stability.
  • Immediate Access to Working Capital: Our solution provided essential working capital to meet the client’s immediate needs, supporting day-to-day operations and strategic initiatives.
  • Support for International Growth: Our multi-currency support and international capabilities enabled the client to pursue their growth ambitions in the US and Australian markets without the hindrance of working capital shortages.


Our flexible solution not only addresses the client’s immediate working capital needs but also facilitates their future expansion. We look forward to continuing our partnership, supporting the client’s international growth ambitions with tailored financial solutions.

Accelerated Payments is a global Invoice Finance provider that provides flexible working capital solutions to SME’s, Exporters and Mid to Large Corporates. With offices in Dublin, London, Toronto, and Florida, we shift the credit risk from our clients to their debtors, enabling us to fund a broader range of clients. With our unique and scalable Fintech platform, we’ve funded over €1.7 billion in invoices for more than 450 clients across 45 countries and 1,800 debtors to date.

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$3 million Selective Invoice Finance Facility Fuels Geoscience Consultancy’s Growth

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