£1.5 Million Selective Invoice Finance Facility for Offshore Systems Manufacturer

Accelerated Payments provided a £1.5 million Selective Invoice Finance facility to an Offshore Systems Manufacturer. Our client holds a prominent position in the manufacturing of marine aids to navigation and boasts exceptional expertise in solar-powered applications within the industry.


Challenges facing this client

  • As a global industry leader, our client generates a significant portion of its revenue from international markets, with over half of its turnover coming from these regions.
  • Despite this impressive global reach, the client’s growth potential faced considerable challenges due to the limitations of its current provider in effectively catering to certain overseas markets.
  • These limitations restricted the client’s ability to fully capitalize on its international presence and imposed substantial strains on its working capital.
  • While the client continues to hold a dominant position in the industry, overcoming these hurdles remains crucial for unlocking its full growth potential and maintaining its competitive edge in the global market.

Recognizing the urgent need for a swift and effective solution, Accelerated Payments promptly provided a flexible funding line tailored to support the client’s operations in its overseas markets. This solution was designed to alleviate the immediate cash flow constraints and support its long term growth plans.

Our solution provided the client with essential working capital by facilitating funding against its top five export debtors, ensuring that its international revenue streams remained strong and uninterrupted.

Additionally, we extended funding against ten of its domestic clients, further bolstering the client’s working capital and enabling them to manage both international and domestic operations more efficiently.

Our approach not only addressed the immediate financial challenges but also empowered the client to maintain momentum in its expansion efforts, supporting a sustainable approach to growth.

The Solution

The Benefits

  • Catalyst for Growth: Our solution acted as a catalyst, enabling the client to execute its growth strategies and secure new international orders, consequently propelling its international expansion.
  • Sustained and Accelerated Growth: As a result of our international expertise and global solution, the client not only sustained but accelerated their growth trajectory, solidifying its reputation as a global industry leader.
  • Enhanced Working Capital: The facility ensured strong and uninterrupted international revenue streams, while also enhancing the client’s ability to manage domestic operations more efficiently.

Accelerated Payments is a global Invoice Finance provider that provides flexible working capital solutions to SME’s, Exporters and Mid to Large Corporates. With offices in Dublin, London, Toronto, and Florida, we shift the credit risk from our clients to their debtors, enabling us to fund a broader range of clients. With our unique and scalable Fintech platform, we’ve funded over €1.7 billion in invoices for more than 450 clients across 45 countries and 1,800 debtors to date.

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