$500,000 Receivables Finance Facility for Vehicle Repair Specialist

Accelerated Payments provided a $500,000 Receivables Finance facility to a client specializing in vehicle repairs. This client has been operating for over 20 years, offering repair services for vehicles damaged in collisions.


Challenges facing this client

Despite having a positive relationship with its bank, the client faced limitations with its existing facility, which lacked the flexibility needed to support seasonal cash flow needs. These fluctuations significantly impacted the client’s ability to manage operations smoothly throughout the year.

While the client was committed to preserving its relationship with the bank, additional working capital support was necessary to effectively manage operations and new opportunities to grow its business. It became clear that an alternative financing solution was necessary to bridge its working capital gap.

  • Recognizing the pressures busy seasonal periods can place on cashflow, Accelerated Payments collaborated closely with the client and its bank to find a solution that worked.
  • We provided a flexible Receivables Finance facility that seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing financial arrangements, ensuring no impact on current procedures or security held with the bank.
  • Our solution gave the client access to much-needed working capital, effectively alleviating financial strain during peak seasons.
  • This support not only facilitated day-to-day operations but also provided the financial support needed to pursue new growth opportunities and long-term expansion.

The Solution

The Benefits

  • Seamless Integration with existing Senior Lender: Our Receivables Finance solution seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing bank facility, ensuring smooth operations without disruption.
  • Financial Flexibility: Our solution provided access to working capital during peak seasons, alleviating financial strain and supporting daily operations.
  • Growth Support: This client can confidently pursue new growth opportunities and achieve long-term goals without compromising their working capital position.
  • Collaborative Approach: This case demonstrates how Accelerated Payments can work collaboratively with banks to provide a tailored working capital solution to businesses. By integrating our solutions with existing bank facilities, we ensure that clients receive the support needed to navigate peak seasons without disruption. This approach highlights our commitment to adapting and innovating our solution in response to the evolving needs of businesses in dynamic market environments.

Accelerated Payments is a global Invoice Finance provider that provides flexible working capital solutions to SME’s, Exporters and Mid to Large Corporates. With offices in Dublin, London, Toronto, and Florida, we shift the credit risk from our clients to their debtors, enabling us to fund a broader range of clients. With our unique and scalable Fintech platform, we’ve funded over €1.7 billion in invoices for more than 450 clients across 45 countries and 1,800 debtors to date.

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