Now more than ever, companies will need alternative finance methods to grow 

Alternative Finance

Access to finance has always been a critical issue for businesses, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The lingering aftermath of Covid-19 has only exacerbated this problem. Traditional sources of finance, such as bank loans and overdrafts, have become increasingly difficult to access. This is due to banks tightening their lending criteria in response […]

Accelerated Payments hits $1 Billion funding milestone 

€1 Billion funding milestone

  Accelerated Payments can today announce that we have advanced an astounding €1 billion worth of invoice financing, shortly after celebrating our fifth anniversary. The €1 billion milestone comes as we triple our workforce and extend global reach, with offices in Europe, the UK, Canada and the USA.   The total also highlights the massive liquidity […]

60 Seconds On… Working Capital

Working Capital

Working Capital: A Quick Summary A business’s working capital (WC) reflects the amount of cash it has at its disposal and can deploy almost immediately. Working capital is critical for any business. It is used to keep a business operating smoothly and meet all of its financial obligations within the coming year. This includes paying its trade creditors for its day-to-day […]

We attended the NACFB Expo 2021

Accelerated Payments at NACFB Expo

After what seemed like a lifetime of not being able to attend an event or have in-person meetings, Accelerated Payments were thrilled to finally be able to do just that. On Thursday, September 30th 2021, the team jetted off to Birmingham to attend their first in person event since Covid-19. Landing in Birmingham airport, they […]

Talking Trends September 2021 – Broker Edition

Accelerated Payments Broker Trends

This blog forms part of a series where we identify common views and trends within the broker market over the previous 3 months.   Funding enquiries    General market feeling is that overall level of enquiries from new and existing clients has remained relatively static. Some (43%) have seen an uptick in the number of Invoice […]

An Alternative View of SMB Funding with Accelerated Payment’s CEO, Ian Duffy

Ian Duffy, CEO SME Funding company Accelerated Payments

Getting funds to SMEs is the new imperative across the globe as nations look to reopen businesses and get people back to work. The pandemic has thrown accessibility of funding for SMEs into sharp relief and alternative financiers are stepping up to the plate. I talked to one such financier, Ian Duffy CEO of Accelerated […]

Steve Box on his appointment as chairman at a time of remote working

Steve Box, Chairman Accelerated Payments

Accelerated Payments last week announced the appointment of Steve Box as new chair. Here is a short introduction to Steve Box followed by an interview conducted following the announcement.  Steve Box has held several senior executive roles in the past, including as head of Europe for Falcon Group, CEO of Bibby Financial Services and global head of receivables […]

Alternative Invoice Finance Companies: A lifeline for SMEs?

Life preserver

In the wake of the pandemic, governments across the globe put in place loan guarantees for businesses in various guises in order to protect the future economic road to recovery. But whilst their efforts are commendable, the eligibility criteria and restrictions that they put in place meant that many alternative finance lenders were and still are unavailable to provide a suitable offering. This leaves thousands […]

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