Time out with… Inside Sales Manager Chris Bolton

Chris Bolton

In our first Time Out With.. piece of 2022, we caught up with Inside Sales Manager Chris Bolton. What is your role within Accelerated Payments? I joined the Business Development team at Accelerated Payments (AP) at the beginning of November. My role is Inside Sales Manager. Now, I am a couple of months into it […]

Beat the coronavirus! 3 key issues affecting SMBs and strategies to mitigate.

Dice depicting Profit, Loss and Risk

At the beginning of 2020, the outlook for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) was promising. However, the Covid-19 pandemic caused a crisis affecting both lives and livelihoods, leading to a world-wide pause and a sudden and dramatic change for SMEs. Economic markets began to fall, supply-chains slowed or became dismantled and consumption levels dropped. This blog looks at three key issues affecting SMEs and the appropriate considerations to be taken.   1. Cash Flow Management   […]

Alternative Invoice Finance Companies: A lifeline for SMEs?

Life preserver

In the wake of the pandemic, governments across the globe put in place loan guarantees for businesses in various guises in order to protect the future economic road to recovery. But whilst their efforts are commendable, the eligibility criteria and restrictions that they put in place meant that many alternative finance lenders were and still are unavailable to provide a suitable offering. This leaves thousands […]

Using Invoice Finance to Manage your Cash Flow

Cash Flow Calculator

Managing cash flow can be frustrating, time consuming, and an expensive problem for any business at the best of times. Now with many businesses struggling to meet working capital challenges due to Covid 19 – unexpected costs, late payments and international borders – the problem just got bigger.  During growth, businesses are inevitably left short […]

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