Time out with….Taruni Kotwal

Tarui Kotwal and her dog

Taruni Kotwal is Client Management Associate at Accelerated Payments.  She moved from India to Ireland to do her Masters in Strategic Management and Planning after which she joined Accelerated Payments.  

Taruni thanks for talking to us today– firstly can you tell us what you do?

I’m part of the Client Management Team at Accelerated Payments and my job is to manage the onboarding process of new clients, build effective communication channels with buyers, review transaction documents and ensure all receivables are paid on time and all parties are kept fully informed.  I also assist in creating new procedures and document existing processes into SOPs. I work closely with management and the sales team to resolve any queries and issues to make sure we achieve high customer satisfaction.

Sounds like you’re busy! Is it pretty challenging managing clients and projects?

Well I’m the main contact person for my set of clients which means that they come to me with any questions they have.  There can be lots of different questions usually from new clients around fees, the contract, settlements, how to upload their receivables, a ticket they’ve raised on the portal,  so the challenge for me is really around the variety, the sheer scope of the types of questions that you get. I don’t have deep expertise in every single aspect but I have a team of experts to help me so I can quickly resolve queries and make things as smooth as possible for my clients.

How much interaction do you have with your clients?

Once I have a client set up I keep track of their activity on the portal and I’ll deal with any emails or calls from them with specific queries. It could be end of month and the client might need funds quickly for payroll or operational costs  – but I understand that and work with them on it so that receivables are funded quickly and smoothly.  My priority is to understand the needs of my clients by remaining in touch with them on a daily basis.

You’re two years working with Accelerated Payments – what do you like about it?

One thing I really like is that I have my own book of clients to manage which gives me authority over the job that I’m doing.  Dealing with different clients and different transactions everyday hones my strategical and analytical capabilities. I’m talking with CEOs, directors and positions like that and you don’t normally get that kind of opportunity on a daily basis.  They have confidence in me to get their receivables funded as soon as possible and that gives me great satisfaction.

We’re still in lockdown without the office to go to.  How are you finding remote working?

I would say that working from home has increased my productivity – Since traveling time is saved so I have more time to do different projects. Being a workaholic I enjoy my work and lockdown situation has not dispirited me!

It’s important then for you to take time out and relax – outside of work what do you love to do? 

I am an extrovert, I want to make friends and explore new places.  I love to go on adventure trips to new places and I like to get out of my comfort zone.  Before the lockdown I had made a trip to India ,Italy , Slovenia ,Croatia and Romania. But I also use my spare time to reflect and introspect  – following a daily regime of walking and meditation keeps my mind and body fit.   I’m also studying for my QFA(Qualified Financial Adviser) exams so I’m keeping myself busy!


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