Ready, set, grow – how export financing can turbocharge global expansion for SMBs  

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What the post-covid, post-Brexit era has made clear is that traditional financial institutions are not the best equipped institutions to support growing companies during a crisis – let alone global expansion.

Banks – whether they like to or not – simply don’t have the risk appetite to offer adequate levels of financing and often the returns net of costs are not significant enough for them to transact. 

Governments are also limited to what they can do for the business community.

While Governments were good at stepping up to provide short term loans during COVID, they can’t continue to support companies indefinitely. Particularly those with international expansion plans.

How Accelerated Payments can help SMBs with global expansion ambitions

This is where Accelerated Payments (AP) can help. What sets us apart from banks, FinTechs, or competing receivables companies is that we have unrivalled knowledge in export business and a proven export finance product that can be customised to suit the financial demands of individual companies with overseas customers.

We know that terms of trade should not be one size fits all. Different methods of payment should be considered for different circumstances.

We also offer an Export Finance solution that is well suited to help companies that trade with large foreign multinationals with extended payment terms. It gives customers a cost-effective way to enter markets around the world without having to worry about liquidity or say no to new contracts to expand their business.

Once a business meets our criteria, AP can immediately cover 80% of the receivables value while they wait for their customers to pay. There is no restriction on the level of foreign sales. Companies choose which invoices to fund and when, and there’s no personal guarantees or additional security required. We also support multiple currencies. If you’re a company wishing to expand from England to France or America to China – we’ve got your back.

Best of all, our export finance product is simple to use. Companies looking for receivables financing can follow a straightforward online process that allows us to assess their funding qualifications. Liquidity decisions are made quickly with clarity. This gives companies a quick turnaround to get the money they need to scale uninterrupted.

Don’t let a cost of living crisis get in the way of global expansion.

If you’re a company looking to expand internationally – even in a time of crisis – then we’ve got what you need. With our solution, tech, international expertise and proven track record to support SMBs, we are here to help you.


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