SMBs exporting: how Brokers and Receivables Financing providers can help

SMEs Exporting
For Accelerated Payments collaboration is key when it comes to doing business.

With the right partners, a business can go further and help more. This is why we work so closely with our brokers. Brokers are key to helping us to provide liquidity to SMBs exporting and looking to scale up their business.

By collaborating with brokers, Accelerated Payments (AP) can reach more companies that are looking for funding options. Often, SMBs don’t know where to start and seek support. This is where the broker steps in. Brokers assess the options in advance and inform the SMBs of the best deal available to them to solve their cashflow worries. Brokers play a vital role in educating the business community of the power of fintech. In particular – receivables financing firms. 

Working with a global broker community to help Exporting SMEs

Brokers also help companies, like AP, to extend our reach overseas. We started helping UK and Irish companies scale and grow – but quickly realised that our services were needed further afield in Canada and the US. AP now works with brokers and introducers globally.

Since we launched, we have provided over $850 million in funding to SMBs. A key element to that success has been the network that brokers have brought to us. Our teams on the ground in the UK, Europe, the US and Canada have been working closely with brokers and introducers to attract SMBs to our business – and to give them access to our favourable and competitive pricing solutions.

We also give these companies the expertise they need to scale up internationally from North America into Europe and Asia – and vice versa. That’s something that a lot of our competitors don’t offer – deep knowledge about terms of trade for exporting and a unique export finance product that can be tailored to meet the demand of overseas customers.

Our export finance product is particularly suited to trade with large foreign multinationals with extended payment terms. Best of all, it’s a simple and cost-effective way to fund your business’s reach into new markets around the world. 

Once a business meets our criteria, we can immediately fund 80% of the receivables value while they wait for their customers to pay. Brokers enjoy the solution AP provides to their clients, as our model focuses on the quality of the debtor. Not the SME. There is no restriction on the level of foreign sales. Companies choose which receivables to fund and when. Our non-recourse solution also means there’s no personal guarantees or additional security required. We also support multiple currencies. If you’re a company wishing to expand from England to France or America to China – we’ve got your back.

A simple, straightforward Receivables Finance Solution

Our receivables finance solution is simple to use. Companies looking for receivables financing can follow a simple, straightforward online process that allows us to assess their funding qualifications instantly. Decisions are made quickly and securely – giving companies a quick turnaround to get the money they need to grow and meet their cashflow needs.

If you’re a company looking to expand internationally – even in a time of crisis – then we’ve got what you need. By working closely with our broker network, we have helped over 350 businesses around the world. We celebrate our collaboration with brokers and look forward to offering a critical lifeline for many more businesses. Especially during times of crisis when SMBs exporting need cashflow the most.

If you are interested in becoming a broker with Accelerated Payments – get in touch.

Alternatively, if you are an SMB looking to export and seeking support, get in touch.

Our dedicated team can point you in the right direction of one of our many brokers who are highly experienced in supporting SMBs on their export ambitions.


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