Time out with… Weiqing Li

Time out with Weiqing Li

Tell me a bit about yourself My name is Weiqing Li, and I am from North China. I first came to Ireland 8 years ago as part of a study programme. About 30 of us were in that course and 10 of us are still in Ireland today. We studied three years in China, and […]

The impacts of 2020/2021 on SMBs and 2022 predictions.

Accelerated Insights

We asked SMEs their opinions on several topics that have impacted their business over the last 24 months. The results of the survey are below and outline the challenges faced by SMEs in managing cashflow through both a pandemic and the added complexities brought on by Brexit. The impact of late payments Late payments have […]

Use Supply Chain Finance and Receivables Finance to cut costs and become more efficient

Use Invoice Finance to cut costs and become more efficient

Cashflow disruptions are always expensive Businesses pay for cashflow disruptions in more ways than one. Temporary shortfalls can prevent companies from operating effectively, delay hiring of much needed talent or replacing outdated inefficient equipment. Not only this, SMEs find themselves stuck in a credit war between paying their suppliers on time and having to provide […]

How to Proactively Manage Late Payment and Safeguard Cash Flow

Manage late payments

Business survival is all about cash flow. Businesses can keep going as long as they can pay their bills. It has been some time since the Prompt Payment Code came into force and we take a look at what this means for SMEs. Here, Accelerated Payments share our insights into the issues around late payment and what small businesses can do today to safeguard […]

How to Stay Afloat while Exporting

World with packages denoting export

There are a lot of benefits to a business selling invoices overseas, but there can also be a lot of financial risks as well. It is important to fully understand the risks and how they may affect your business before selling overseas.  Export Finance is ideal if your business has customers overseas who have extended payment […]

Invoice Finance for Recruitment companies.

Image showing a recruitment professional with a 'we hire' sign

Two of the biggest challenges faced by any business at any stage are cash flow and relationship management. For recruitment companies access to finance is often harder because of their structure and the basic nature of their business.   It’s all about people   As a recruitment company you will tend to be people rich and asset poor, meaning that there isn’t the tangible security of […]

Using Invoice Finance to Manage your Cash Flow

Cash Flow Calculator

Managing cash flow can be frustrating, time consuming, and an expensive problem for any business at the best of times. Now with many businesses struggling to meet working capital challenges due to Covid 19 – unexpected costs, late payments and international borders – the problem just got bigger.  During growth, businesses are inevitably left short […]

How Export Finance works: a basic guide

International Trade

You’ve won a big deal, a new client or are going through a period of growth? These all sound like good news! But, have you thought about the impact on your cash flow, particularly if these customers are overseas? What with added time, credit checks, shipping… the list goes on. Export finance has been created […]

5 Tips to Deal with Late Payment!

Tips to manage Late Payment

Late Payment. It’s the phrase that we hear from business owners every day and across every sector. Periods of market uncertainty often trigger a push by large companies to lengthen payment terms. Everyone wants to hold onto cash longer, and get paid quicker. So here are our TOP 5 tips to help you deal with […]

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