Maximise Cash Flow – Fund Export Invoices

We have created a simple, effortless Selective Invoice Finance solution. One that allows your client to stay in complete control of which specific invoices they want to fund and when. Backed up with funds that we control, we make the credit decision on the buyer/debtor allowing us to make quick decisions and advance funds immediately.

Our model can work alongside existing funding arrangements your clients may have giving you a good option to further maximise cash for your customer.  We’re here to help so don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.

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  • Fund invoices of all sizes ($/£/€15k-2M)
  • Fund domestic and export invoices
  • Non-recourse, no supporting security required
  • Works alongside existing client funding


Accelerated payments provides working capital to businesses by accelerating payments on their outstanding invoices.

Our model puts your client in control.

Select individual invoice(s) to finance.

No liens, PGs, or long-term contracts. 

Fast credit decisions focused on your client’s Debtors/Buyers.

Cash advanced in 24/48 hours.

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We’re happy to work alongside existing funding  arrangements to get the best funding package for your client.

Non-recourse offering mitigating risk of non-payment.

We don’t mind Debtor/Buyer concentration and we fund export trade receivables. 

This is a fast, flexible funding solution for your clients.

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We provide an excellent portal to both our clients and brokers. 

All business from invoice management, approval, payment and settlement is managed on our platform. 

Access the portal through your login and have full visibility of status of your referred clients’ transactions.

Excellent reporting.

Get cash to your clients quickly

Add value

Additional liquidity solution for your clients.

Fund highly concentrated ledgers and multiple currencies.

Facilitate client growth.

Win business

Fund new starts, scale ups and higher risk clients.

Fund single large invoices.

Fill funding gaps with this complementary facility.

Retain customers

Enhance your client retention and loyalty by offering an additional  dynamic form of funding that is responsive to their needs.

Mitigate risk

Mitigate Debtor/Buyer concentrations and export exposures.

Raise liquidity without Debtor/Buyer risk.

No impact on your security.

Excellent Client Management Team in-house to support your clients.

Is your client eligible?

To get started we need some information about your client’s customer.  Most SMEs are supplying great buyers – once we can credit-insure them we’re in business.

  • A limited company selling to credit-insurable debtors/buyers
  • In operation for 24 or more months
  • Revenues 250k upwards
  • Invoices of between 15k  – 2million
  • Client is based in UK, Irl, Canada or US
  • Debtor/Buyer geographies – majority of OECD countries
  • Maximum payment terms = 120 days

Get in touch

London • Toronto • Dublin

Guy Jones

Hi I’m Guy Jones and I head our UK team.  We’ve been working well with the broker community since we started in 2017 and we’ve been able to supply funds throughout the Covid crisis.  We like export invoices, we don’t mind concentration, we’re quick to make decisions.  we focus on your client’s debtors which simplifies the process.  I’d love to talk to you so contact me if you want to discuss some business.

Tel: + 44 203 1805 940

I’m Adam Pimentel and I head our Business Development team in Canada.  Based in Toronto, I’m here to help you get the best funding you can for your clients. Right now we’re funding lots of trade with the US as well as other overseas destinations. We can work alongside other funding arrangements if you need to fill some gaps. We’re fast and flexible.  So don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to talk about your funding needs.

Tel: +1 416 318 0133

Colm Devine, Head of Business Development

Hello I’m Colm Devine and I’m Head of Business Development at Accelerated Payments HQ in Ireland.  The broker community is important to us so much so that we recently developed our e-invoice platform to accommodate broker access so you can see the status of each of your client’s transactions with us.  We’ll look at business from smaller clients (15K invoice value) right up to large multimillion transactions.  I’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss funding requirements.

Tel: +353 1554 3940

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Invoice Finance FAQs

What is Invoice Finance?

Businesses are often left short on cash or working capital due to delayed or long payment terms, growth with large new orders or unforeseen shocks as is happening in today’s markets.  Invoice Finance, is a mechanism to release working capital that might otherwise remain tied up in accounts receivables for long periods of time.   Typically, 80% of the value of the invoice less the Funder’s fee is paid to the client with the remaining 20% paid on settlement with the Buyer.

Other terms for Invoice Financing include Invoice Discounting and Invoice Factoring.

How is Invoice Finance different to business loans or overdrafts?
  • Individual Invoice finance from Accelerated Payments is more flexible than business loans or overdrafts – you can pick and choose what invoices to finance and pay only on what you need vs fixed amount, fixed cost and repayment structure.
  • Decisions to lend against invoices can often be made much faster with funds released in 24 hours.
  • Individual Invoice Finance from Accelerated Payments is non-recourse – so no personal guarantees or additional security vs liens, long term contracts and lots of paperwork!
What’s different about Accelerated Payments' service?
  • Funding is fast! Typically within 24 hours of invoice approval.
  • Non-recourse – because we focus on your buyer, we don’t ask for personal guarantees, additional security or long term contracts.
  • No buyer concentration risk – unlike other funders we’re happy to fund single large invoices – >1M (€/£/$)
  • Open for export – we fund your overseas trade
  • Pick and choose what invoices and when – we don’t ask to own your full invoice book
  • You retain the relationship with your customer – we don’t take over the relationship when we purchase the invoice.
  • We have a highly experienced and financially expert Client Management Team to work with you every step of the way.


How is Individual Invoice Financing different than Factoring?

There are some key differences between Individual Invoice Financing and Factoring.

  • With individual invoice finance you select which particular invoices to finance, – factoring companies typically look to finance the whole sales ledger.
  • With normal factoring the company is given a line of credit up to a certain amount, if any more funds are needed you need to apply for a larger line – with individual invoice financing there is no line of credit; once the buyer is insurable you can draw down more funds.
  • Once the Buyer is insurable, concentration risk is not an issue with individual invoice finance – this is not so with factoring.
  • Typically liens on assets and additional securities are required for factoring funds – no such liens, personal guarantees or added security are asked for with individual invoice finance.  Once you’ve insurable buyers, your good to go.
How long does it take for an invoice to be funded?

Once your selected invoice has been approved for funding, funds are in your account within 24 hours.  There are steps required to get you to that point – give us your buyer or list of buyers so we can make sure we can insure them; register on our platform, and upload your invoice for funding.  We’ll work with you to quickly get you set up and ready to go.  Once you’re set up you can activate invoices for funding as and when needed.

• What happens if my customer fails to pay due to financial difficulty?

Inherent in our process and included in the fee is insuring your Buyer.  We insure the transaction to 90% which means that you will receive up to 90% of the invoice value (less our fee) regardless of whether your customer defaults.  That’s peace of mind for you and your business!

How does it work?



Complete a simple application form. We will have you approved within 24 hours.


We review and approve your customers in advance.


Your customer verifies their invoices for payment using our e-invoice platform.


Select invoices for advanced funding and get paid now while your customer pays later.


Your customer pays into a designated bank account on due date. This account is in your company’s name.